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Alfa Romeo 156 (1997 – 2007) Fuses and Relays Diagram
Here you'll find full guide about fuses and relays on the Alfa Romeo 156 (1997 – 2007) Model.

Here you’ll find full guide about fuses and relays on the Alfa Romeo 156 (1997 – 2007) Model.

Fuse and Relays in The Main Fusebox

To gain access to them, remove the panel (A) releasing the tabs (B) in the direction of the arrow below and remove the screw (C).

110Right main-beam headlamp
210Left main-beam headlamp
Main-beam headlamp warning light
320Door locking system
Boot light
420Right dipped-beam headlamp/Xenon lamps (optional)
10Headlamp aiming device
530Front power windows
610Right front side light
Left rear side light
Right number plate light
Right rear fog guard
710Left front side light
Right rear side light
Left number plate light
Left rear fog guard
820Left dipped-beam headlamp/Xenon lamps (optional)
915Cigar lighter
Odour sensor
Climate control system
1020Windscreen wiper
Windscreen washer
Rearscreen wiper
Rain sensor (optional)
1210Car interior and glovebox lights
Instrument cluster
Sound system
Diagnosis socket
Electronic alarm system
1310Cruise Control (optional)
Reversing lights
Sound system
Car interior and glovebox lights
GSM Box for Connect
Navigator-electronic warning system
Wing mirror adjustment
Remote control
1410Direction indicators
Hazard warning lights
1530Rearscreen heating
Wing mirror defrosting
Rearscreen heating warning light
ADipped beam light relay
BRelay for sunroof, seat heater, rear window power control, seat electric adjustment

Fuses Above The Main Fusebox

17,5Services switched off with starting
2*10Air bag system
310Controls lighting
Stop lights
420Left rear power window
520Right rear power window
610Rear control lighting from sidelights
730Boot electric opening
830Seat heating
Seat electrical adjustment
925HI-FI BOSE system
1020Supplementary electrical socket in the boot (Sportwagon versions)
11*10ABS system
127,5Battery power supply for Alfa Romeo CODE
Injection system
137,5Alfa Romeo CODE system
Electronic ignition and injection system
1415Electronic ignition and injection system
1515Electronic ignition and injection system
1615Fog lamps

* Specific components and values depending on the version/market.

Fuses and Relays Accessible From The Glovebox

To gain access to the fuses remove (A) the pressure-fitted lid.

120Headlamp washer
AFog light relay (where required)
BHeadlamp washer timer (where required)

Engine Compartment Fuse Box

140Passenger compartment fan (petrol versions)
80General service supply (diesel versions)
230(+15) key-controlled service supply (ignition switch)
370General service supply
440Passenger compartment fan (diesel versions)
80General service supply (petrol versions)
530Electronic ignition and injection system
640Engine cooling radiator fan (First speed; 2.5 V6 24V versions)
50Engine cooling radiator fan (First speed; T.SPARK and JTS versions)
60Engine cooling radiator fan (First speed; diesel versions)
730Engine cooling radiator fan (Second speed; T.SPARK and JTS versions)
Selespeed gearbox
40Engine cooling radiator fan (Second speed; diesel versions)
Engine cooling radiator fan (Second speed; 2.5 V6 24V versions)
Automatic gearbox
870Glow plugs and resistances on fuel oil filter (diesel versions)
20Automatic gearbox (2.5 V6 24V version)
Selespeed gearbox (2.0 JTS version)
960ABS system
1070Additional heater (diesel version only)
30Oil pump supply (Selespeed versions only)

Relays in Engine Bay

AEngine radiator cooling fan 2nd speed relay (T.SPARK versions)
BEngine radiator cooling fan 1st speed relay
CFuel pump relay
DElectronic injection relay
EClimate control compressor relay
FTiming variator relay (1.6 T.SPARK only)
Engine radiator fan 2nd speed relay (only 2.5 V6 24V, JTD and JTD 16V Multijet versions).
GFuel oil heater relay (only Diesel versions)

Diesel versions

For Diesel versions, depending on the options installed, there is a second bracket fastened to the engine compartment rear bulkhead

A30Additional passenger compartment heater 2nd level relay
B30Additional passenger compartment heater 1st level relay

JTD 20v Multijet version

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